Services at the center will assist families with the common conflicts and challenges facing households consisting of working adults, toddlers, school-aged children and older relatives. Among the quality of life issues faced by this typical “expanded family” are safety and health­ related concerns of an older adult, that prove to impact work attendance and other time-related demands.

Run by a staff with experience in the various needs of older adults, Generations Hand in Hand will offer a desirable alternative to leaving that older family member at home alone. The center has extended stay and daytime programs that address many diverse interests and needs of the target group, adults over age 55. It offers a safe place for those who have restrictions on movement, need to have medication monitored, or need assistance to perform basic functions negatively impacted by limited mobility. It provides a haven for interaction, with loving and caring friends.

   Service Description

The Generations Hand in Hand Adult Center will provide the following specific services:

  •  Meals – Lunch consisting of hot food service, balanced to provide at least one-third of each friend’s daily nutritional needs.
  • Dinner – and breakfast for the friends who are 24-hour residents; also served in rooms if absolutely necessary.
  • Snacks – for friends who need them, and/or who have a written authorization and statement of need.
  • Medication – A trained and authorized staff of LPN, CNA’s monitor and administer medication. In the case of self-administered medication, the staff member will maintain a checklist, based on the intake information provided . (Detail in addendum.)
  • Transportation – A van is used to transport friends to scheduled appointments that are associated with recreational therapy, religious services, medical needs, etc. A special partnership with another van service, adds backup as needed.
  • Programs- Recreational  and entertainment programs  are scheduled frequently,  and announced in a monthly calendar.  In addition to a lounge, there are daily provisions made for crafts, exercise and group or individual games.
  • Custodial Care – A full staff of LPN, CNA’s, dieticians and recreational therapists provide 24-hour care, in a wing of the center that is equipped to accommodate 50 friends at startup.

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