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You certainly care about your older relatives or friends. It’s in our hearts to care about them too. In fact, — we refer to our adult clients as our “friends.”

Leaving the older adult at home alone is not an option as such concerns as health, safety, mobility, interests and capacity threaten to disrupt a functioning family.

Heavenly Healing offer peace of mind and positive results. It begin with a compelete and accurate profile of the adult individual’s needs and interests.

Than a program is developed that is more than satisfying, it is actually uplifting a friendly and safe atmosphere – full care.

  • Custodial Care by CNA’s, dieticians and physical therapists, on a 24-hours basis.
  • Programs tailored to each individual’s level of care, interests and schedule.
  • Transport to appointment therapy, religious services or personal errands.
  • Meals by an in-house chef to include a hot entree at lunch, and balanced nutrition.


Our staff of specialists includes certified nurses, a chef, dieticians, and physical and recreational therapists. These caregivers are available to serve the needs of friends who are seeking custodial care, or who are in programs that involve daytime care.

We maintain a monthly calendar of special activities, as well as daily availability of a chapel, craft room, exercise room, and a group area for interactive or individual recreational preferences.


As we grow older it is really not possible to avoid certain nominal changes that place limitations on our activities/capabilities. These needs usually fall into the area of:

  • Health-medication monitoring; physical therapy, senility, ect.
  • Safety-disorientation; frailty }r.
  • Social-hobbies; crafts; group interraction; events; etc.
  • Work-retraining; education; rehabilitation; contribution.


Friends who take advantage of Heavenly Healing contribute to society and to the well being of their families. They have no reason be thought of as a burden. Whether friends particpate in custodial care or daytime care, any family burden about showing love is lifted.

We provide a haven where friends can live their own lives to the fullest, free to learn grow, interact and contribute. They maintain their self-respect and continue to be the person the family appreciates.


We have our own van to transport friends to scheduled appointments, associated with needs such as recreational therapy, religious services, medical appointments and certain important errands. We also have special rates for hiring personal transport.

For daytime frends we provide a scheduled pickup and return route; timed to meet most family-work shedules. The “hired van” rates apply for friends with different schedules.


Individual means unique,_and we think each friend is unique indeed. That is why we carefully assess each friend’s profile- their interests, skills, hobbies, tastes. physical ability, medical and special needs. Desires are documented, studied and built into a comprehensive program that is personal, individual and uniquely suited to bring a smile to the face of family and friends.